Sunday, April 22, 2012


This isn't going to be much of a first post, since it's late and I'm tired. But, I wanted to reassure you that yes, I am here and this blog is active!

If you haven't clicked the About tab yet, my name is Lisa. My sister Lori and I have recently taken our first step toward becoming certified paranormal investigators!

We decided to use my birthday to start accumulating equipment to help us measure and record any possible paranormal phenomena. Check out the Our Equipment tab to see what we have and the Our Wish List tab to see what we're still working on.

Next month we will go out and do our first test run with the equipment in an old, 1800s era graveyard out in the boonies of Frenchburg, KY. Luckily, a friend of ours owns the land.

Until then, we will be researching. Already we have discovered that to be taken seriously as a paranormal investigator, one must get certified. I didn't know there was such a thing! See? Already learning. We hope to begin classes to be certified in June, but scheduling around work may be difficult. We will (hopefully) find out more a week from today at the Mystical Paranormal Fair held at Patti Starr's Ghost Hunter Shop in Lexington, KY.

So, if you have ever wanted to do your own investigation of the paranormal, I invite, I URGE you...go on this adventure with us! We are brand spanking new to the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, and will strive to post everything we learn here. Like:

How do you get access to haunted grounds owned by others?
How can you make owners of haunted places choose your team over all the others out there wanting access?
If a place is haunted, how do you get the spirits to react to your presence?
What are all the possible causes of certain phenomena that must be ruled out?

If you can't tell, my sister and I have a million questions. If you have them too, check back here often for new posts about what we're learning. I urge you to do your own research and look into the field as well. After all, you only live once - don't find yourself wishing you'd done it twenty years from now. Besides, this blog will be ten times better if others comment with their two cents as well.

So, now that you know what this is all about. I'm going to get to bed. Any experienced investigators or ghost hunters out there, feel free to comment with tips or advice for getting started. And by "feel free" I mean "Please share your wisdom!" :)

- Lisa