Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Evidence and New Experiments!

Okay, guys, the evidence we collected during our first real residential investigation is now posted at our website!! Click Here to see it!

I also enabled comments on our website that are really easy to use, so please please please comment on our evidence and let us know what you think!

We've also started a new experiment, to test the validity of using a pendulum to communicate with a spirit.

It's going to be a long-running experiment, because the only way to test this is through statistical analysis, and we need a LOT of data to do that. So here's the idea.

Every time we do an investigation for someone, we give them a pendulum, notebook, and lesson on how to use it. We have them spend the next few months using the pendulum. Anytime they see or feel or hear activity going on, they can pull out their pendulum and ask some questions and see if they can get any yes/no answers.

Then, after they have a notebook full of questions that they've asked, we can come back and do a second session. First, we would do our own pendulum session, asking the same questions they asked but NOT KNOWING what answers they got. We can then compare and see how many times our answers correlate with theirs. We would also then do a recorder session, asking the same yes or no questions, and see if any voices we get answering the questions correlate with the answers from the pendulums.

Usually with a pendulum, swinging clockwise represents one answer, and swinging counter-clockwise represents the other. (Yes/no). So, if there's nothing to it and it's random, our answers should agree fifty percent of the time. If we were just comparing our answers to one other person's and we agreed 90 percent of the time, that'd be interesting, but still could just be a fluke. But if we got 50 people doing this around the state, and then we went and did our own sessions, and each time our answers agreed 90 percent of the time...well that would indicate some kind of correlation.

Like I said, aside from correlating our pendulum answers with theirs, we would also try EVP sessions. We'd ask the same questions and see if any voices answer yes or no. If they do, we could then compare those answers to the pendulum answers as well.

Now, we KNOW when someone uses a pendulum, the direction it swings is being controlled by the tremors and subconscious micro-movements in their hand. That is clear. The question is whether your subconscious mind KNOWS the answers to the questions you're asking.

Our theory is that, since so much information picked up by your subconscious is filtered before ever reaching your conscious mind, perhaps your subconscious does know the answer, because it can communicate perfectly fine with spirits. Given that the paranormal world, if it exists, obviously does not really interact with ours in obvious ways, it's easy to imagine it might be part of that pool of information which the subconscious mind deems unnecessary. Which is why we don't consciously perceive it. But that doesn't mean our subconscious doesn't perceive it. If it does, then perhaps that's how accurate answers might come out of a pendulum.

Or pendulum answers might be nonsense. Hopefully this experiment will help give us a better idea. By itself, it won't be able to prove one way or another that a pendulum is a way to communicate with spirits. But, depending on the data, it may indicate whether or not it's not an accurate and consistent way to get answers.

I'm excited :D

This makes me giggle :)

Source: A visual comparison of normal and paranormal distributions. Matthew Freeman J Epidemiol Community Health 2006;60:6

Friday, April 5, 2013

deed registries, genealogy, research, WHAT?

So I just wrote up a 2 page history of this house we investigated, and I feel like a pro. I can do research, woot!!

Oh and we take the evidence to the family tomorrow, so after that we can put it online for you all. We got one EVP that's especially awesome.

Yay for learning how to do new things!